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【Domestic News】Sigdo Koppers Group of Chile visited CREC, CRTG attended the meeting.

Created on:2017-05-16

Meeting Group Photo

President of CREC Zhang Zongyan met with Eduardo, chairman of Chilean Sgido Koppers Group in Beijing. Ma Li, Vice President of China Railway Group, relevant leaders of CREC Overseas, Yu Baolin, Chairman of CRTG, and Zhao Yuliang, Deputy General Manager of CRTG attended the talk. The two sides fully communicated on mutual trust and deepened cooperation, and signed a memorandum of cooperation.

President Zhang Zongyan extended a warm welcome to chairman Eduardo for his visit to CREC during President Bachelet's participation in the "One Belt And One Road" summit forum. He introduced Chairman Eduardo's latest situation of CREC in 2016 and overseas production and operation. He pointed out that the Chilean market has a complete legal system and standardized operation, which is a key market that CREC is focusing in the future. CREC cherishes the existing achievements with SK Group. Through further mutual trust and cooperation, the two sides will surely start a new chapter of mutual benefit and win-win in the fields of railway, subway and mine construction. He hoped that CREC and SK Group could continue to give play to their respective strengths and strengthen their strengths. Under the guidance of the “One Belt And One Road” initiative, start with infrastructure construction, further expand the depth and breadth of bilateral cooperation, and open up new prospects for the operation and development of the Chilean and South American markets.

Signing memorandum of cooperation

Chairman Eduardo thanked President Zhang Zongyan for his gracious reception. He said that this was the second meeting after the first meeting between the two sides in Santiago, Chile in December 2016.He stressed that SK group can give full play to its resource advantages and rich experience to help CREC enter the Chilean and South American markets and participate in infrastructure construction together. In the next step, with the strong support of CREC, they hope that both sides can achieve substantial breakthroughs in specific projects as soon as possible. He pointed out that Chile and South America have a promising market for infrastructure construction, with huge potential for railways, roads, subways, mining and ports. In the context of the " Chile-China strategic partnership", the two sides should promote the excellent history and culture of "One Belt And One Road" and implement the "One Belt And One Road" initiative to the whole world.

After the meeting, the memorandum of cooperation was signed in the presence of President Zhang zongyan.