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【Sweden News】CRTG ENGINEERING (Sweden) contributes to society in times of crisis

Created on:2020-06-01

At the beginning of march, when the Covid-19 outbreak runned for its peak in Sweden, China Railway Tunnel Group, CRTG ENGINEERING (Sweden), donated personal protective equipment to hospitals in dire need.



CRTG ENGINEERING (Sweden) upholds the dedication to continuously improve society, enhance the wellbeing and living of people, for a better future. So the work to contribute to help stop the spread and protect life’s was a priority in CRTG ENGINEERING (Sweden). Dedicated staff at CRTG ENGINEERING (Sweden) were able to supply personal protection equipment and antibody test kits for SARS-COV2-19, to hospitals in Sweden. One of the hospitals cooperated with was Örnsköldsvik Hospital in the county of Västernorrland. The medical staff says that at this time, the hospital was in a situation where stock on facemasks were very low. The medical staff states to CRTG ENGINEERING (Sweden) representatives:


"There is no doubt in our minds that this has contributed to protect our staff and mitigate the spread of SARS-COV2-19 among staff and patients.  This has helped our staff to treat our patients with confidence in our procedures and personal protective equipment, PPE. The test kits have been a valuable addition to our arsenal and complements our PCR testing. In fact it has made it possible to screen our staff and make it possible for them to spend time with family members who are at risk."


In today’s global environment, companies are an important part of the process of creating sustainability and protect life’s. CRTG ENGINEERING (Sweden) is one of them who try to deliver a much better sustainable and clean project and also contribute a lot to the Swedish society and citizens.


Gracious letter  for donation of  Antibody test kits

Certificate of Appreciation