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【Domestic News】"Kaituo" large-section rectangular jacking pipe started in Nansha, Guangzhou

Created on:2020-06-22

On June 19, "Kaituo" large-section rectangular jacking pipe of CREC Guangzhou Nansha Dagang Zhongchuan Zhonglu Utility Tunnel project was successfully launched. The jacking pipe has a size of 9.1x5.5 meters and a length of 106 meters. It is the largest rectangular jacking pipe constructed by CREC in Nansha, Guangzhou, and is known as "the first jack in Nansha".


Guangzhou Nansha Dagang Zhongchuan Zhonglu Utility Tunnel is a part of comprehensive development project in Dagang Advanced Manufacturing Base, which is undertaken by CREC in Nansha, Guangzhou, managed by Pearl River Delta Headquarter of CRECIG, constructed by CRTG. The utility tunnel project has a length of 10.1 kilometers and is composed of high-voltage tanks, integrated tanks and gas tanks. After completion, all main cables, including communication cables, water supply pipes, gas pipes, etc. in the Dagang Advanced Manufacturing Base Block in Nansha, Guangzhou will enter the corridor to avoid repeated excavation of pipelines later due to pipeline construction problems, which is conducive to enhancing the overall image of the block and conforms to the concept of safety, green and environmental protection.


In the construction, a large-section rectangular jacking pipe will be used to penetrate the Dongxin Expressway. The stratum beneath the jacking pipe is silt, fine sand and silty clay in sequence, which is geologically unfriendly for construction. During the jacking process, it is necessary to overcome the plastic drainage plate and water-rich soft soil layer remaining in the roadbed of Dongxin Expressway, which makes the construction difficult. The pipe jacking machine used is Earth Pressure Balance Type, which maintains the pressure of tunnel face to control the uplift and settlement of highway pavement during jacking. And by improving the cutting tools, the jack pipe can effectively cut off the plastic drainage plate during the excavation process.


Undertaken by CREC, financed with EPC+PPP mode, Dagang Advanced Manufacturing Base covers an area of ​​about 8.21 square kilometers and is a key project in Guangdong Province. Construction content includes site leveling, municipal roads, bridges, utility tunnels, dike projects, resettlement areas, landscape greening, sewage treatment plants, park planning, exhibition centers, sports, cultural, educational and medical facilities. At present, various projects are progressing steadily as planned.

(Editor: Chen Zeji)