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【Domestic News】Youngsters from CRTG participate volunteer service in the Nucleic acid testing

Created on:2021-06-10

At the middle of the night on the 6th in Nansha communities, the new coronavirus nucleic acid test is still ongoing. Finishing the test, Zhang Le, employee of CRTG, just arrived home. On hearing that his community is in need of volunteer, he immediately send the message by Wechat that he can help and he is qualified with the two vaccine injections. The organizer agreed, then he came to the site of community nuclear acid testing as a volunteer.


"Please go this way , open your nucleic acid code, the one that community butler reminds you to fill in the information, screenshot of that black and white QR code, well, yes, please go straight ahead, and staff in front of you will guide you". Dressed in volunteer clothes Zhang Le meticulously explain for the community residents, help check the identification of nucleic acid code, guide them in accordance with the process of orderly collection work, and help the elder to fill in the registration information. The residents who came to test were also very cooperative, carrying out the test in an orderly manner, and contributing to the fight against the epidemic with practical actions.


He said: "When the overseas epidemic is breaking last year, I worked in Singapore project, felt the concern and warmth from the motherland and the company in the most critical period of the fight against the epidemic, which strengthened our confidence and determination. Now I start from the small thing toserve motherland and the society. This is what I should do.


Where there is need, there are volunteers, where there is danger, there are volunteers. In the face of the epidemic in this big test, CRTG volunteer Zhang Le with practical action showed "Facing epidemic prevention, we are all responsible!" His efforts is meaningful in the prevention and control of the epidemic in Nansha.