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【Chile News】Actively Promote Scheme Optimization and Improve Efficiency.

Created on:2021-07-01

The original construction process of base floor of Chile Extension Line 2 Lot 3 show: Earthwork backfilling and compaction → cushion construction → reinforcement binding after equal strength → pouring base floor concrete. On the basis of compaction of backfill soil, the thickness of cushion is thin, the total design volume of cast-in-place concrete is large, the construction progress of cushion is slow, and it takes about one day to wait for the strength to tie the steel bars, which greatly restricts the construction efficiency.


During the construction, we found that the strength of compacted earth after backfill is enough, and the compacted soil after canceling the cushion has enough stress strength. Polyethylene film is laid to ensure that the bottom slab concrete will not lose water due to canceling the cushion during pouring. The project department submits the change after analysis, Put forward the optimization process to the Owner: Earthwork backfilling and compaction → laying polyethylene film → immediately start binding reinforcement (steel mesh) → pouring bottom slab concrete. After evaluation, the Owner finally agreed to the change and allowed us to quote again according to the new process.


Changing the cushion into polyethylene film reduces the equipment investment in this process, optimizes the allocation of workers, reduces the mechanical, labor and material cost. At the same time, due to the improvement of construction efficiency, the construction period of the base floor is shortened by one month, which not only saves the cost but also shortens the construction period.