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【Sweden News】Completion of the Tunnel Excavation of Stockholm Metro 87133

Created on:2021-07-06

On June 30, after the completion of the last blasting, it marked the completion of the tunnel excavation of Contract 87133, CRTG made a milestone breakthrough in the high-end market of northern Europe.


CRTG was awarded the three tunnel contracts 87131, 87132 and 87133 of the blue line of Stockholm Metro in Sweden in December 2019. This is the first time that Chinese contractor won the bid in the field of Swedish infrastructure, which means that Chinese infrastructure in the European market is further expanded. This is also the first time that CRTG has signed contract as an independent contractor in accordance with EU bidding procedures and EU standards and specifications. All these will be challenge for CRTG’s further develop the European market.



At the beginning of the Projects, CRTG was faced with strict EU CEEQUAL environmental protection rating, tight resource seller's market, expensive EU labor resources, strict construction noise monitoring, limited construction permit and severe epidemic situation. In order to secure schedule of the projects, CRTG organized the project team in short time and managed daily works scientifically. Project team took turns to monitor site operation and strengthen the process control, by which overcoming the difficulties of short construction period, unfavorable site conditions and epidemic situation.


During the epidemic period, all employees united as one, insisted on returning to work, strengthened on-site construction organization and safety control, carried out guidelines of "Epidemic Prevention, Technical Quality, Construction Period, Cost Accounting, Safety and Environmental Protection", and improved the overall level of project management. On May 6, when the tunnel excavation exceeded one kilometer, Eric, Director of Client FUT came to the site to congratulate and give full affirmation to CRTG’s performance.


After hard work of all employees, the milestone of Contract 87133 was finally completed with high quality, which inspires motivation of the successful completion of Contract 87131 and 87132.