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【Israel News】Pinhas Rozen Bridge Project Is Progressing Smoothly And Orderly

Created on:2021-08-19

On August 1, 2021, the Branch received the payment of the preliminary design from the owner on schedule, which is the first milestone payment since the announcement of winning the project on December 8, 2020, indicating that the preliminary design and pre-planning of the project have been fully approved by the owner. The project management team is delighted, and the completion of this key milestone means a good start for the follow-up implementation of the project.


This project is a Design-Build contracting project, in which the design period is 12 months and the construction period is 20.5 months. The project includes bridge, TTR and station structure as the main structural works, and the difficulty of construction is generally controllable. The lifting construction of bridge span structure across highway and pump room section and the intersection of a large number of pipelines relocation and road upgrading are the key and difficult parts of the project. The difficulty of traffic arrangement is also relatively large. Prior to the construction works, it’s necessary to coordinate with multiple property authorities and municipal departments, which will also bring great difficulties to the implementation of the project.


In view of the characteristics of this project, the Branch has decided to adopt a mainly localized project design and management model, relying on localized design and management team to carry out project management, and the Chinese personnel are mainly focused on production, auxiliary technology management, financial and procurement management. The project will be carried out in accordance with the principles of the localization based construction in order to organize and implement the project safely, efficiently, orderly.


Project Management Meeting


According to the situation of the project itself and the Israeli market, bridge, road, retaining wall, TTR and the station structure construction will be performed by company itself. At the same time, the team takes advantages of the experiences we gained from the Red Line project performance, and in accordance with the principle of cost saving and maximally avoiding wasting, making full use of the left existing resources and equipment from the Red Line Project. Currently, the temporary construction facilities of the project have been prepared and put in place, and some of the subcontracted projects have been signed. According to the project implementation plan, the site will be available and handed to the team in September, and various works will be carried out in an orderly manner.


This project is a preliminary project of the Tel Aviv Light Rail Green Line Project. The successful implementation of this project will be of great significance for expanding the company's business field, diversifying its operation and accumulating relevant experiences.

Xianli Yao

Conceptual Graph of Pinhas Rozen Bridge