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【Domestic News】15.03m diameter "Common Prosperity" TBM cutterhead goes down the shaft

Created on:2022-03-30

At 8:00 on March 18, 2022, the Water Conveyance Gallery and Road Upgrading Project of Hangzhou Zhijiang Road undertaken by China Railway Tunnel Group ushered in a major milestone. The cutter head of "Common Prosperity" TBM with a diameter of 15.03m went down the shaft, and the assembly of TBM for the right line of the Project entered the final sprint stage.



The Project is 6.3km long in total and includes a 5.6km long main tunnel, which is divided into 2 cut and cover sections and 1 TBM section. The TBM tunnel is 2.7km long and constructed by a super-large slurry TBM with a cutter head diameter of 15.03m.


Zhijiang Road Water Conveyance Gallery is located at the north bank of Qiantang River in main urban area of Hangzhou. Along the project, the full face hard rock stratum part is about 1700m long, accounting for 62% of total mileage, the uneven stratum part is about 400m, the full face argillaceous siltstone stratum part is about 300m, and the full face soft rock stratum part is about 300m long. The moderately weathered quartz sandstone in hard rock stratum has the strength about 102.8mpa and the quartz content takes up to 95%.


"Common Prosperity" TBM adopts atmospheric pressure cutter head, which is specially built to solve challenges of frequent tool change and associated high risks when the TBM passes through the uneven stratum and full face hard rock stratum. Compared with ordinary cutter head, it is equipped with functions such as tool rotation detection, temperature detection and wear detection, so that the tunneling of TBM can be sensed and known.


The cutter head of "Common Prosperity" TBM weighs 570 tons in total, which is composed of 13 modules (1 center block + 6 main arms + 6 auxiliary arms). The largest center block weighs 200 tons, and the risk of its transportation and hoisting is very high. With strong support by the Client - Hangzhou Municipal Urban and Rural Construction Committee and Hangzhou traffic police detachment, the project conducted a detailed survey in advance, covering each waterway, intersection, bridge and bend curve from the port to the construction site, and carefully calculated the turning radius of the road and bearing capacity of the bridge to ensure the safety and successful transportation.