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【Peru News】Opening Ceremony for the Green Coast Project undertaken by CRTG in Lima, Peru

Created on:2020-02-27

Peru News  morning of February 27, 2020 (local time), Jorge Muñoz, Mayor of Lima, hosted the opening ceremony of the new-built Lima Green Coast City Expressway Project (referred to as the “Green Coast Project) jointly contracted by CRTG and a local company, delivered a speech, and cut the ribbon for the opening ceremony. Hao Qinmei, Counselor of the Economic-Commercial Office of the Chinese Embassy in Peru, Liang Enguang, Assistant GM of CREC International,and some representatives of Chinese enterprises in Peru attended the ceremony.


Jorge Muñoz highly praised performance of the project in his speech, and presented other major achievements since becoming mayor of Lima. After the ceremony, Jorge Muñoz introduced the design and implementation of the project to the media and attendees at the project nameplate, appreciated project team for their efforts in construction process, and participated in Cycling activities at the site.


The Green Coast Project is the key project of Lima Municipal Government's plan in 1995 and the expansion plan in 2015, which is a supporting project of the Pan American Games that integrates "fast transportation-tourism-leisure-culture". The construction includes the expressways, bike paths, sidewalks, parks, beaches along the coastline from Chorrillos to Callao.


Since the project commenced on December 29, 2018, the builders of China and Peru have overcome difficulties and taken positive actions with a high sense of responsibility to ensure the construction quality and safety, and completed several key milestones in advance, such as partial opening and completion of main project during the Pan American Games, opening of the whole line in advance, which is of great significance to ease traffic and facilitate the leisure activities for the public, and thus sets up a model of cooperation between China and Peru enterprises.

Jorge Muñoz attaches great importance to the project. During the implementation of the project, he paid 10 visits to the project among which, on April 9, 2019, he held a 100-day inaugural speech on the site, and on July 5, 2019, he represented the overall progress of the supporting works of the Pan American Games to the Peruvian media and public and announced the partial opening of the Green Coast Project to the public.


The Green Coast Project adopts the highly localized organization mode of "local employees, local procurement, local subcontracting and local labor", makes full use of local professional and technical personnel, reasonably selects local subcontractors and suppliers, employs more than 1500 local workers at the peak of implementation of the project, and highly combines the management advantages of Chinese enterprises and local resources, which not only ensures  successful construction of the project, but also creates local employment and achieves good social benefits, which has been highly evaluated by local communities.


During the implementation, the project received strong supports from CREC, which is the mother company of CRTG. After learning the news that the project was completed ahead of schedule, CREC sent a congratulatory letter to CRTG and all the staff participating in the construction of the project.