CRTG Photographic Exhibition

《 Times 》


[ by Zhang Bo ]

《Madu Interchange of Guangzhou-Lechang Expressway》

《CRTG realized my train dream》


《The newly built second line in Xi-Ge section of Qinghai-Tibet Railway》

《Site Concerto》 

《Dengjialou Bridge at Shenmu-Yan'an Railway》

Crack Viaduct of Fengdu Station of Chongqing-Lichuan Railway

Tunneling Workers


[ by Zhang Bo ]

《Tongling Road Overpass in Hefei》

Self-made Lining Gantry Jumbo for Qinling Tunnel

Tunneling to Link the World

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《Shenzhen Metro Line 14》

Electrician Zhang


[ by Tan Guolong ]

《The Dusk after Rain》

 by Lv Min

《Temporary Steel Bridge》

 [by Luo Xin]

《A Light in Darkness》 

[by Wang Yingmeng]

The Frozen Moment 》


[ by Liu Songsong ]

Israel Light Rail Project》


Safety Partner


[ by Jiao Shangyu ]