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【Chile News】Steadily Advancing Santiago Metro Construction Works

Created on:2020-03-02

Santiago, Chile  Since the Employer officially handed over to the Pino Hospital Station and the Calderon Shaft worksite on March 29, faced with the tight schedule, heavy tasks and complex construction environment, the work team of Lot III of extension line for Santiago Metro Line 2 has held a scientific arrangement, accelerated to enter the work site, race against time to implement the construction of the station, actively carried out pipeline relocation, temp water and power supply and on-site construction work, and finally completed the preliminary objectives of the Works, provided a prerequisite for the rapid initiating of the construction work.


The location of Works for extension line 3 of Santiago Metro Line 2 is in the southern part of Chile. It has a total length of 1760.6 meters and a construction period of 860 days. It includes the Santa Cruz shaft, the Calderon Shaft, the Pino Hospital Station and the section tunnels in front of and behind the shaft. In accordance with the deployment by scheme meeting of CRTG Overseas, since the establishment of the project office, we have not forgotten our initial intentions, and we have always adhered to the characteristics of the project and the importance of the Chilean market. We have always adhered to the business philosophy of “good construction management insures a better market development” and the work goal of “paying equal attention to both scale and efficiency”. The work team is united, conscientious, and of fortitude. Based on the construction investigation, the work team insists on strengthening the study and raising the ideology into an important position, striving to improve the local management level and team quality, and enhancing the knowledge of foreign employees' safety skills to integrate them into work as soon as possible, and effectively improve the professional theoretical knowledge of team members through self-study and concentrated learning, etc.


Through the unremitting efforts of all staff, the construction of the pile foundation of the Pino Hospital and the construction of the first pipe roof at the main tunnel were completed within 120 days, which met the target time requirements of the Employer, which was affirmed and praised by all walks of life, and played a good leading role in the whole line section range. At present, the square pits of the station are undergoing large-scale excavation, and the bolt-anchor installations are in proper order. The 16.75 meters of shaft excavation has been completed in the Calderon shafting area. The pipe roof at shaft mouth has been completed and aim to the tunnel construction. Due to archaeological issues, the Employer handed over the site of the Santa Cruz shaft worksite on July 8. After more than a month, the infrastructure was basically improved, and the construction of the shaft lock section was underway.


Since entering the worksite, the work team has solidly promoted the construction work, clarified the overall objectives and decomposed the phase tasks, overcame the winter construction difficulties, scientifically controlled the construction rhythm, coordinated various resources, and continued to strengthen process control. Leading cadres take the responsibility to act as a promotion and spread the consciousness of responsibility and efficient working style to virous levels of work team, which provided a powerful ideological guarantee for the efficient promotion of the Works and high standards. The construction boom is constantly on the scene, and various projects are steadily progressing according to plan. All the employees are united, concentrating on the Works, and vowed to build the Works into a fine and a highlight work, effectively promoting the sustainable development of CRTG in the Chilean construction market!


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