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【Israel News】All tunnels of Tel Aviv Light Rail Red Line completed by CRTG run through

Created on:2020-03-08

Jerusalem, Feb. 24(Xinhua Chen Wenxian, Shanghao) -- With the "Fuxing" TBM breaking through the ground and the "Zhengyi" TBM arriving the destination, 9 TBM tunnels of the Red Line of Tel Aviv Light Rail Line were completed by CRTG as the Main Contractor of design and build.

The general manager of CRTG Israel, Gu Zonghua told to the reporter, this means that all the tunnels of the first underground rail transit line in Israel traffic history were successfully completed.

According to Gu ZongHua’s introduction, 6 TBMs were used in Tel Aviv Light Rail Red Line, which are specially designed by Chinese company. In the process of construction, TBM passed beneth the highway, railway, river, bridge and dangerous old building, and also overcame many difficult construction risks, such as crossed metro station with large angle. The project completed the contract milestone ahead of schedule, demonstrated Chinese technology, Chinese speed and Chinese quality, and won high recognition from Israeli Employer NTA and social public.

In Sites Evaluation of Tel Aviv Light Rail Red Line conducted by the Employer NTA in 2017 and 2018, CRTG twice ranked the first place in the Construction Management Award, and once ranked the first place in the Environmental Management Award. The total results ranked first in all the construction sites. In China, the Project also won several awards including “National Pioneer Worker”.

The Tel Aviv Red Line is the first light rail line in the urban rail transit plan. It is 23.5 kilometers in length and across the most densely populated and busiest downtown area of the city. It is scheduled to be officially opened by the end of 2021.