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【Domestic News】CRTG Launched “Master Instructing Apprentice Program”

Created on:2020-07-03

In order to amplify leading role of worker model and technician expert at various level, play the role of these excellent employees in “transferring, helping and guiding”, and strengthen the cultivation of reserve talents for the company, CRTG launched “Master Instructing Apprentice Program” in May 2020.

The Master is selected from the worker models and technician experts, who shall have rich experience, good professional ethics and practical working style in his speciality field, while apprentices be professional counterparts, including graduate interns, new posts, new transfers, and those whose business skills need to be further improved.

The Program mainly composes four aspects. Firstly, Master will be matched with apprentice, either  one-to-one, or one-to-group. Secondly, engagement is signed between Master and apprentice. Thirdly Master will conduct  training, such as teaching by words and influence by deeds, guiding operation, dispelling doubts, transmitting working style, and solving problem. The fourth is assessment, appraisal, and recognition of the training. It is required that activity of “Master Instructing Apprentice” be conducted under the coordination of the company and on the principle of voluntariness. No “one size fits all’’ administrative order nor “compelling matchmaking” should be carried out to ensure effect of the activity and avoid formalism.