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【Singapore News】Achievement of 3,000,000 Accident-free Man-hours at Circle Line 6 C885 Project

Created on:2021-09-30

On 28th September 2021, the delegates of China Railway Tunnel Group (Builder), Land Transport Authority (Developer), Ronnie & Koh Consultants (QPS), and Subcontractors attended a celebration for the achievement of 3,000,000 Accident-free Man-hours at Singapore Circle Line 6 C885 Project.


The objective, which was a milestone for C885 Project’s Safety Management Team, was achieved on 31st August 2021, during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Since the commencement of the project in October 2017, safety has always been the top priority, Project Management promotes good safety culture at all levels.




We implemented near-miss reporting procedures since 2017, any unsafe conditions or acts have been immediately reported in our group chat to alert everyone in the project., so as to control the major accidents, incidents or any dangers occurrences in this project. Till 27/09/2021, a total of 4295 near miss observations has been reported.



Each month, a safety promotion and campaign is conducted to promote good safety culture to the workforce. During this event, the best safety performance engineers, supervisors, workers and highest and best near miss reporter are selected. Certificates with NTUC vouchers or wrist watches are awarded to the winners.  


Despite the pandemic, Project Management team has been trying their best to overcome the influences of the epidemic and actively takes measures for work resumption. The Project’s appointed SMOs (Safe Management Officers) and SDOs (Safe Distancing Officers), made and published C885 project Safe Management Measures at the workplace, established the TOLQ (Temporary Occupancy License Quarters) for housing workers, divided staff by the different Teams (Team A, Team B), staggered and segmented their scope of work, took care of the mental health and welfare of workers, advised all staff to get their vaccination, perform swab test every 14 days and set up the ART Station for virus detection in the shortest time.


Above all, the Outer Bound tunnel was completed on 22 September 2020, the Inner Bound tunnel was launched successfully on 18 May 2021 and achieved the completion of casting work for 1st panel of the station lower under the platform, and escape shaft excavation works completed and starts cross passage works.


“It has been everyone’s effort to achieve the goal. 3,000,000 Accident-free Man-hours is just a beginning.” C885 Project Director said, “We will never slow down our pace. As long as we get together, make teamwork and comply the requirements of safety management from government and developer, we believe the next goal is not far from now.”





Editor: Perumal Palaniappan