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【Israel News】Tel Aviv Light Rail Red Line Underwent Its First Full Line Dynamic Testing

Created on:2021-10-28

On October 20th, 2021, Israel Tel Aviv Light Rail Red Line Systems Project constructed by the CRTG-EEB Joint Venture led by CRTG, underwent the first full line dynamic testing. The project’s employer - NTA Metropolitan Mass Transit System (“NTA”), held a celebration ceremony on site. All senior management of the NTA company attended the event, meanwhile local mainstream media, partner companies, key personnel from China Railway Engineering Company Israeli Branch, and project representatives from CRTG were invited.


The senior leaders of the employer and contractor at the celebration event


The two trainsets left the Depot in Petah Tikvaf at 9:30 pm on 20 October and arrived at the terminal in Bat Yam at 3:10 am next morning, on a 24-kilometer route. The dynamic testing was successfully carried out as planned and was highly praised by the employer.


The two trainsets left from the Depot in Petah Tikvah

This full line dynamic testing varies from the previous Early Dynamic Testing in the At-Grade East Section in May due to its long distance and duration. Since the full line test would pass through numerous intersections on the At-Grade South, the employer chose to carry out the test late at night for the convenience of the residents. Despite the late hours, many residents were attracted and took photos by their cellphones to memorize the historic moment.  


The trainset passed through Jerusalem boulevard in Jaffa


"We made history today. We successfully traveled from Petah Tikva to Bat Yam by light rail for the first time. The Red Line has a mature system consisting of power, OHLE, rolling stock, track etc." said NTA CEO Haim Glick, adding that the Green and Purple Line will be added to the mass transmit network system in the future, aiming to improve the welfare and quality of life of Israel’s citizens. Also, he expressed his respects to the all the contractors of the Red Line project.


The interior of the train during the test


It is noted that the Red Line project will have a full series of testing in the next 10 months and is scheduled to commence the commercial operation in August 2022.