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【Singapore News】China Railway Tunnel Group Singapore Branch Successfully Organized China-Singapore Technology Exchange

Created on:2021-11-02

Base on the Singapore C885 project, China Railway Tunnel Group (CRTG) Singapore Branch recently organized technical experts from CRTG to carry out technical exchange with experts and scholars from Nanyang Technological University(NTU) and National University of Singapore(NUS).


Arthur Cheng, Internationally renowned geophysicists, professor of NUS and Chinese University of Hong Kong, Dr. YunyueElita Li, associate professor of NUS and Purdue University in the United States, Dr. Limao Zhang, assistant professor of NTU, and experts from the China Raily Tunnel Research Institute, State Key Laboratory of Shield Machine and Boring Technology(SKL), and CRTG related departments discussed and exchanged views on TBM intelligent excavation, smart city perception, city intelligent monitoring, and TBM excavation big data.


NTU team led by Dr. Zhang Limao is carrying out research on advanced geological forecasting, shield tunneling big data research, smart city, approach tunnel design and planning, large shield tunneling in composite stratum, data twinning, etc. Associate Professor YunyueElita Li and their team relied on the NUS to form Cambridge-Sensing Company to provide intelligent and customized solutions for the construction and operation of future smart cities by integrating geophysical technology, civil engineering technology and data science.


Chief Engineer Li Fengyuan from SKL introduced to overseas experts that SKL has a complete engineering intelligent monitoring platform, has collected data from underground construction of more than 400 projects, and is currently carrying out construction simulation test systems, etc. Research progress on open topics; Du Chuangdong, Deputy Director of the Tunnel Research Institute of CRTG discussed the cutterhead clogging and sinkhole issue during the tunelling, and how to monitor the conditions of the cutter head, TBM shield, and condition behid the segment in real time and other topics with other experts.


As a leader in underground engineering with an annual tunnel construction capacity of more than 500 kilometers, CRTG base on platforms such as SKL, Scientific Research Center, and Tunnel Research Institute, and combines hundreds of projects under construction leaded the many times of technological innovations in China's tunnel industry, CRTG are willing to actively carry out international exchanges and cooperation on intelligent tunnel construction, BIM technology, and smart city construction, and accelerate the company's technological innovation and technology internationalization.


Editor: Zhang Penghui