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【Singapore News】Construction Safety Merit Award by LTA – CRTG C885 Project

Created on:2021-12-02

On 9th November 2021, the Singapore Circle Line 6 C885 Project undertaken by China Railway Tunnel Group was awarded the Construction Safety Merit Award by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) at the 23rd Annual Safety, Health and Environmental Award Convention (ASAC).




The theme – “Adapting to New Norms and Continual Training for a Safer and More Productive Workforce”, reflects the challenges of navigating COVID-19 pandemic in the past year and acknowledges the efforts and achievements of companies in adapting and ensuring business continuity during the pandemic in a safe and environmentally-conscious manner.



Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this Convention was held online. The Minister for Transport, Mr. S. Iswaran as the Guest of Honor attended this Convention. The Project Director Mr. Fan Peng, on behalf of the C885 Project, received the Award.



Since the commencement of the project in October 2017, the project management team has put safety in the first place. In August 2021, C885 Project achieved 3,000,000 Accident-free Man-hours.


The management team of C885 Project has implemented near-miss reporting procedures that unsafe condition or act immediately reported to alert everyone, to avoid major accidents, incidents or any dangers.

A monthly safety campaign has been conducted to enhance safety awareness in workforce and to promote good safety culture with engineers, supervisors, workers practicing best safety performance and best near-miss reporter awarded in the campaign. 


The project management team has devoted their efforts to tackling the epidemic’s influence and to resuming work. The Project’s SMOs (Safe Management Officers) and SDOs (Safe Distancing Officers) took multiple measures to protect project staffs and help them to continue daily works, such as formulating and promoting C885 Project Safety Management Measures at the workplace, establishing the TOLQ (Temporary Occupancy License Quarters) for housing workers, dividing staffs by teams (Team A, Team B) with segmented scope of work and taking care of worker’ mental health and welfares. In addition, ART Station for virus detection was set up in the shortest time and all staffs are encouraged to get vaccinated.

About ASAC

ASAC was inaugurated in 1999 in Singapore to recognize contractors who have been proactive and successful in promoting Workplace Safety and Health management practices at their worksites, ensuring high health, safety and welfare standards of workers, and giving due consideration to protecting the public and the environment.