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【Israel News】Tel Aviv Light Rail Red Line System Project Welcomes University Student Visiting Group

Created on:2021-12-03




On the afternoon of November 25th, teachers and students of the University of International Business and Economics – Israel campus (UIBE-ISRAEL) visited the Depot site of the Red Line Systems Project.


The Red Line is the first urban light rail project in Tel Aviv. It is a milestone project in the history of China-Israel cooperation in infrastructure construction. It is also a good model for Chinese companies implementing the "Go Out" policy and a great presentation of Chinese products, Chinese design, Chinese technology, and Chinese quality. The Depot site area undertaken by China Railway Tunnel Group (CRTG) is the most complex site area in the entire Red Line Systems Project.


Before entering the construction site, the Red Line project manager introduced the overview of the Systems Project, so that the visitors would have a better understanding of the whole project and acknowledge the difficulties during project execution. The visitors showed great respects and admiration to the results that CRTG achieved.



Under the guidance of technicians and safety personnel, teachers and students walked into the construction site to visit and learn. They were shown the light repair garage, heavy repair garage, parking area, control center, and data center along the way. All visitors expressed their admiration.


After site visit, visitors came to the meeting room and discussed their opinions enthusiastically, especially when some local students were excited to know that the light rail to be built in the future will pass through their doorsteps. Regarding the questions raised by teachers and students, the professionals explained more details patiently. The atmosphere of the whole meeting was very warm and harmonious.


As Hanukkah is approaching, the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE) presented Hanukkah gifts to the project department. The gifts not only show the gratitude of  UIBE visitors for the detailed explanation of the project department, but also represent the appreciation and trust of the Israeli people to the contribution of China.




The exhibition showed a good corporate image of China Railway Tunnel Group in technology excellence, capability, and its achievements. All project personnel of the Red Line System Project will continue to make their best efforts aiming for perfection, and provide a satisfactory result to the Israeli people with a more professional manner and better works.