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【Israel News】Tel Aviv Light Rail Red Line System Project – A Brief Overview of Track Laying Construction

Created on:2022-01-04

Light Train running on Jerusalem Blvd.


The Red Line is the first light rail of Tel Aviv light rail system with a total length of 23.5 km, which passes through the most congested region of the metropolitan area of Bat Yam, Tel Aviv - Yafo and Petach Tikva. The whole line is divided to three main sections: At Grade East, Underground section and At Grade South. The At Grade South and the Underground section starts from the southern of Bat Yam, and continues along Jerusalem Blvd. in Tel Aviv - Yafo, then connects to the Underground section.


The total length of At Grade South section is 8 km and it contains 15 Stops and 32 Junctions. In addition, there is a depot for train parking and a facility building for drivers at the Bat Yam terminal. As the principal contractor, CRTG implemented all the track, Stops and Junctions works in At Grade South, including the final paving and architectural work of the Stop and light train strip area. Due to the traffic and religious customs, the At-Grade area was a very congested and restricted area during the construction works. CRTG was always highly respectful to the local regulations and laws, and finally completed the construction of this section excellently and efficiently.


First rail installation in mainline at grade


The Underground section has a total length of 15.9 km, including nine underground stations and two chambers. The scope of work in this section mainly includes second stage concrete pouring, track slab casting, fourth and fifth stage concrete pouring.


The length of second stage concrete pouring is about 14.4 km, and the pouring volume exceeds 40,000 cubic meters.  CRTG took advantage of owing its own site for continuous pouring, designed a concrete mix ratio for long-distance pumping, and adopted two static pump relay methods to carry out concrete pouring in the largest range. The farthest concrete pumping distance at the Galei Gil site exceeded 1.4 km.


The track slab is about 15.9 km long, including 3.5 km track bed with vibration mat installation. During the track slab casting process, a construction organization plan was properly set up, upon which a  workflow of track laying, sleepers installation,reinforcement case assembling, formwork installation, rails adjustment, and concrete pouring was formulated and executed, which greatly improved the construction efficiency of track slab construction. The maximum monthly progress exceeded 3200 meters at this stage.


Turnout installation and inspected by engineers


The length of the fourth and fifth stages concrete pouring is also about 15.9 km. Due to the long distance, one of the main difficulties at this stage is to transport concrete in the tunnel. The engineers of CRTG performed subsequent optimization of the concrete design, improved battery locomotive marshalling, and utilized multi-service vehicles (MSV) or battery locomotives with concrete tanks for concrete transportation and pouring in order to solve the long-distance problem. And it has formed a workflow of pipeline installation, steel bar processing and binding, formwork installation and calibration, and concrete pouring, which enables the efficient construction implementation.


Tunnel view after completing the track work


Tel Aviv Light Rail Red Line System Project is the first track and system project that CRTG has implemented in Israel, in compliance with European standard. Since the project was commenced, CRTG has shown her profession and efficiency to the employer NTA and Israeli citizens.