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【Sweden News】CRTG’s Stockholm Metro 87133 project completed final acceptance and handover process

Created on:2022-02-28

On February 22 2022, witnessed by Client and relevant party, Stockholm Metro 87133 project undertaken by CRTG passed final acceptance and formally completed the handover process. The project is the first contract executed by CRTG independently in the high-end market in Europe, which was awarded the highest CEEQUAL rating - “Excellent” for sustainable development in Europe. The successful project execution is a huge step for CRTG entering European market and marks the first valuable infrastructure contract performance.



The project applies "Norwegian construction method" for tunnel excavation and support. The project team, despite facing the challenge of new market and new tunnel construction method, kept construction progress under time schedule with innovation.

Both the tunnel special equipment and general equipment are strictly in line with CEEQUAL emission level. By applying these highly mechanized, intelligent and informationzed equipment, 2-3 workers are adequate to control equipment to complete tunnel drilling, blasting, excavation and support work. Intelligent linkage of mechanization matching scheme makes the construction process smooth and costs lower. The equipment control during construction based on computer program maximizes the single-cycle blasting footage. The accurate digital process parameters, by recording and analyzing output, provides accurate basis for engineering evaluation and other innovative methods.



Information innovation leads all construction stages in 87133 project. As the first project of CRTG in Swedish market, the project team overcame the COVID-19 challenges, actively solved difficulties in the new market, and kept construction continued to advance, thus won the trust and support from the client. The final acceptance of the project and completion of all handover process have laid a solid foundation for subsequent development of CRTG in Swedish market.